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Below the Abyss: A fanmix for The Alternative
space beauty
So, aunt_zelda did a mix for her part of the Denny's Court verse (i.e. SadPanda and his merry band of happy bunnies), and I thought, 'Fuck, why can't I do one of those?' So, I did. :) I only did songs for seven characters, 'cause if I threw in everyone, we'd be here forever, basically (and for the record, 'Black Wine' is Nash's song, I just didn't want to put it in twice). Here's the master post, just for reference. ^_^ Warning: there's spoilers in the quotes.

For the record, I could only find a live version of 'Dream Awake' (as in, one that wasn't blocked by fucking EMI), so sorry about that.

Hold on to your hats, this is a long one.

The Story

1. Angelspit- Wolf

“Paw smiled, baring his teeth. It wasn’t often that Snob got nervous, and he always enjoyed it. He and Snob had an uneasy form of truce, but they weren’t friends. They’d never be friends.
The wolf, on the other hand…
Paw felt his fists clench as he fought his inner wolf, fought the urge to knock the newcomer to the ground and rip her throat out.”

Eight-ball in my hand
The key in your liver
Sculpting danger signs
Bladed credit powder

I was on the lookout for the wolf
The wolf, the wolf, the wolf
I was on the lookout for the-
I was on the lookout for the wolf
The wolf, the wolf, the wolf,
I was on the lookout

2. Robots In Disguise- Chains

“It felt like someone had tied a rope around his wrist, tightened it hard and then tied the other end to the new wolf’s hand. He felt the tension ease out of his shoulders and the pain in his head slowly disappear- and best of all, he didn’t feel like killing her any more. He looked at his hand, half-expecting to see the bond connecting them, feeling her fear and despair hitting him like the tide, and saw nothing.
Instead, he looked up at her, and tried an awkward smile, really looking at her for the first time.”

I looked everywhere
Everywhere I find you
In the shape of thoughts
In an attitude
In a party crowd
In a march on youth
I looked everywhere
Everywhere I find you

This is romantic
This is gigantic

Chains, chains, chains, chains, chains, chains
We’re linked to each other with chains

3. INXS- Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain)

“Roses’ fingers slid down Lupa’s head and started tickling behind her ear.
In turn, Lupa let out a little gasp, her eyes closing in ecstasy as Roses’ hand moved with the ease of long practice.
Within seconds, Lupa was letting out ecstatic whines, and Roses was grinning as the younger woman slumped onto the couch, helpless to the whims of her Alpha Female.”

Cutting deep at night
We find the seeds of lust
And lose our minds in one intent
This passion never seems to end

4. IAMX- Naked But Safe

“Hey, it’s OK,” Caine says, concerned, and Paw feels Caine embrace him tightly. He clings to him, sobbing, and prays that he’ll get better.
Once he manages to stop crying, he rubs his eyes and takes a deep breath, trying not to focus on the stench of blood and regret. “What happened to me?”
“You were in a bad accident,” Caine explains. “You’re going to be fine.”
Paw lets out a sob, and Caine tuts. A second later, Paw feels Caine’s lips on his.
“I… I don’t…” he gasps when Caine pulls away. “Who am I?”
“You’re mine, and I love you,” Caine says, kissing him again. “Just wait a second, and we’ll cut off that one loose end…”

I was
Kicked around and locked out
Left in the cold
To self-harm
This is all that I know
Naked but safe, and lifelessly yours

5. The Birthday Massacre- In The Dark

“There’s a sound, a thud that sends chills up his spine, and both men look down, to where the handle of the silver knife sticks out of Caine’s chest.
Paw lets go of the handle and steps back, shaking. He stares down at his hands, unable to grasp what’s happening.
Caine’s legs fold, and he hits the ground. He wraps his hands around the knife and pulls. It takes him a while as the silver saps his strength, but the blade emerges from his chest, dark red blood spraying everywhere.
Drops hit Paw’s face, and he stumbles backwards, clawing at his face, leaving gashes in his skin from his long, uncut nails.
Caine looks up at him, and manages a single word: “Why?”
“I…” Paw stammers. “I love him. I can’t love you.”

I’m in the dark
I’m alone
Around you
I’ve never been here before
Nobody here
To get me through, oh
I’m losing my faith
In every way
That points to you, oh
I’m in the dark
I’m alone
Around you, oh
I’m in the dark

6. Sneaker Pimps- Destroying Angel

“He’d hated the Fae from the moment he’d first realised what they truly were. It wasn’t just that they were so enormously powerful. It wasn’t just that they operated on an entirely different wavelength of morality. No, it was how superior they always acted, like they were put on Earth to rule, and everyone else were just pets, completely subhuman, their wishes and opinions irrelevant. They were always so shocked when people refused to subscribe to their bullshit.
Paw hated them like poison.”

I know you know my head’s not in this now
Nothing you can keep, so keep me down
Like the stones beneath the water that you walk on to be taller
And the hands you stabbed together when you prayed you’d wait forever
Just another fragile angel heart
Falling down on lead wings, torn apart

7. New Years Day- I'm No Good

“The Overqueen of the USA was draped over an ancient throne, a beautiful piece in pale stone that had been intricately engraved with dozens of patterns. She wore jeans, leather boots and a plain blue shirt, a costume that stood out among the fantastic and elaborate costumes the others wore. She looked human, an anomaly among the beautiful, alien, creatures surrounding her, with long, plain red hair and almost normal features. Her eyes, however, changed colour by the second, flashing through shades and hues into colours most people had never seen before.”

I've got a smile like cyanide
My insides are cold and bitter
I'm no good at regret
Proud to be such a mess
I wear it on me like a scarlet letter

8. Angelspit- Black Wine

“He was a stocky man, not especially tall, clad in form-fitting black leather that Paw had to admit did make him rather easy on the eyes. His hair was long, brown and in a ponytail, his beard was meticulously trimmed, and in his hand he held a sledgehammer with a scratched handle as though it was a hairbrush.
His eyes, though… They were the eyes of someone no longer there, the eyes of a person who had died, but their body was still living. He was smiling, a manic grin that looked as though it had been stapled onto his face, and his eyes made the smile a million times worse.
They were the eyes of someone who had been so broken and twisted that the person they had used to be was permanently gone, and nothing could ever even try to bring them back.”


9. deadmau5- Some Kind Of Blue

“While most of the club’s patrons had quickly departed, the larger of the three back rooms was still full. Its denizens danced to the song continually blasted over the speakers, a long, droning techno tune with a thumping beat. They moved in unison, their movements odd and jerking, like puppets on strings.
An adept would have seen the collars around their necks: transparent black bands like thorny stems, made of an otherworldly force. The ‘stems’ had long black thorns that were embedded in the wearer’s throat, making them bleed silver light that drifted through the room as they danced, though no one seemed to notice.
No one spoke, or sang along, or watched from the side of the room. They just danced, deaf and blind to anything else, the toys of a force beyond their knowledge, unable to comprehend what was happening to them.”


10. IAMX- This Will Make You Love Again

“With a sigh, Paw threw himself down on his bed and closed his eyes, enjoying the silence.
He just felt so tired, and the pressure wasn’t going to let up on him any time soon…
With a heavy heart, he located the nearest bottle of vodka, and got up with a groan.”

When the joys of living
Just leave you cold
Frozen from the failing mess
You've made your own
And if you want an ending
To your screenplay life
Well, here's a consolation
That will change your heart and mind

11. Goldfrapp- Hairy Trees

“He took a deep breath and sighed. The moonlight smelt like a combination of the best scents he’d ever smelt- in human form, it was infuriating, but as a wolf, it felt divine. He inhaled deeply as Lupa shifted, and looked over at her.”

All day long

12. Imogen Heap- Me, The Machine

“It wasn’t that he recognised the person at the door. He didn’t- hell, he couldn’t, since he’d never been able to see his face. But as he breathed in, he smelled a scent that he could never forget.
“Hello, Paw,” Oan said, smiling. “It’s been a long time.””

Oh, to share a scent of that sweet summer breeze
A laugh and a squeeze
How can you teach me these things?
Me, the machine, can dream

The People

1. Paw: Radiohead- Talk Show Host

I want to
I want to be someone else or I’ll explode
Floating upon the surface for
The birds
The birds
The birds

You want me?
Fucking well come and find me
I’ll be waiting
With a gun and a pack of sandwiches
And nothing

2. Roses: The Birthday Massacre- Night Shift


3. Todd: Patrick Wolf- Wind In The Wires

Wind in the wires
It’s the sigh
Of wild electricity
I’m on the edge of a cliff
Surpassing comfort, and security
But here comes a gale
A crippling anger
Seabirds are blown into the rocks
Grace is lost
To thunder, thunder
Getting lower

4. Lupa: IAMX- S.H.E.

You have been left alone
A creature of innocence
You lie for what you’re worth
And struggle with your confidence

And when your devil complains
And tears you up, to start again
And when you’re lying on the stage
And nothing works, just living hurts

Forget, forgive
With the secret harmonic emotion
Forget, forget
With the secret harmonic emotion

5. Oan: The Frames- Dream Awake

For every time
I came home screaming
And got sent away
With no warmth at all

I had to dream awake
I had to dream awake

There’s a calling, a calling, a calling
To everyone, who lost something
Who had to dream awake

6. Caine: Angelspit- Violence

Some will be drawn to violence
Others will swarm like bees
Weave in her hair
Like wolves to the bride
Wear her like clothes
Stitch closed their eyes
The hounds are closing in…
…she is open wide

Say ah
All of my dreams have fire
Say ah
All of my dreams have fire

Amore, I forgive you
Amore, let me kiss you
Amore, let me place you
In my mouth
Piece by piece

7. Tara: Garbage- Supervixen

Make a whole new religion
A falling star that you cannot live without
And I'll feed your obsessions
There is nothing but this
Thing that you'll never doubt
This thing you'll never doubt

And I'll feed your obsessions
The falling star which you cannot live without
I will be your religion
This thing you'll never doubt
You're not the only one
You're not the only one

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Awesome, if you ever need any beta-reader again, I am always ready to help. :)

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