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The Alternative (5/6)
space beauty
Warnings and other information can be found in the masterpost.

The house seemed even larger and emptier at night. Paw started turning lights on, uncomfortable at the dusty, unused scent that the furniture picked up whenever nobody was home for longer than a few hours.
Once he’d opened some of the windows, he headed to his part of the house and stepped into the shower.
The hot water felt so damn good that for a few minutes, all he could do was stand there and feel ecstatic. He washed his hair and slathered shower gel over himself with a liberal hand, washing off the ingrained scents of exhaustion and discomfort.
He just felt so fucking tired.
After a while, he knew he had to get out of the shower, and he reluctantly turned the water off and stepped out, resisting the urge to shake himself dry. After all, it never worked unless he was in wolf form.
Instead, he found his bathrobe, shrugged it on and walked out of the bathroom.
He managed to make it to his bedroom without a zombie invasion, a crazed mob or any other problems turning up, which was a first.
With a sigh, Paw threw himself down on his bed and closed his eyes, enjoying the silence.
He just felt so tired, and the pressure wasn’t going to let up on him any time soon…
With a heavy heart, he located the nearest bottle of vodka, and got up with a groan.

Roses knocked, frowned at the lack of response, and opened the door anyway. “Paw? Paw, are you-”
“Rosy!” Paw exclaimed, bounding toward her and hugging her tightly. “Yay!”
“Paw… are you drunk?”
Paw shook his head firmly. “Nope. Nuh-uh. Not drunk.”
“Paw, that bottle is nearly empty.”
“’m not drunk,” Paw insisted, folding his arms and glaring at her.
Given that he was drunk, his glare was that of a petulant five year old, so it didn’t really have much of an effect.
Roses gave up on the argument. “Come on, let’s get you some clothes.”
Paw looked down at his open bathrobe. “Thought you liked it when I’m naked,” he giggled.
“You’re drunk,” Roses repeated, gently steering him toward his closet.
It took her a while to get him dressed, given that he kept giggling and trying to worm out of the clothes, but she finally pulled his shirt over his head, slid his glasses back on and nodded, satisfied.
“Have you even had anything to eat? You can’t drink like that on an empty stomach.”
Paw pouted. “Not hungry.”
The door opened, and Todd walked in. “There’s drunken debauchery here. Why was I not invited-”
“Todd!” Paw yelped in delight, bounding toward him. He glomped Todd hard, sending them both falling onto the floor.
“That’s why,” Roses remarked dryly, looking down at her boyfriends.
“Ow,” Todd groaned.
“Love you, Todd!” Paw squealed, excited.
“Paw, get off me,” Todd requested.
Paw looked like his favourite character had just been killed off. “Don’t you love me?”
“Of course I do,” Todd said patiently. “But you’re squashing me.”
Paw looked heartbroken.
“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” Roses muttered. She stooped, hauled Paw up and hugged him tightly. “There. Happy now?”
Paw bounced up and down, and then glomped her, sending them both crashing onto his bed. “Love you, Rosy!”
Todd got up, climbed onto the bed and managed to pull Paw off their girlfriend. “Paw, want a scratch?”
“Oooh! Yes! Please? For me?” Paw bounced up and down on the bed, eyes alight with excitement.
Todd scratched him behind the ears, smiling at Paw’s delighted reaction.
Roses propped herself up on her elbows and smiled. “I swear, if he wasn’t this adorable…”
“Who’s a good puppy? Who’s the most adorable puppy ever?” Todd crooned, scratching him under the chin.
“Me! Me! I’m a good puppy!” Paw exclaimed, his voice slurred slightly.
I really can’t blame him, Roses thought. It’s been a hell of a night.
Full moon’s in three days, Todd answered her. That’s when things’ll get interesting.
Oh, joy.
Paw frowned up at them. “I can hear you.”
Todd and Roses had the grace to look embarrassed.
“Scratch me, Rosy!” Paw demanded, getting up and flopping down in front of her.
Roses rubbed the top of his head. “You’re adorable, Paw.”
Paw got up and hugged her clumsily. “Love you, Rosy!” He let go, clambered over to Todd and hugged him. “Love you, Todd!”
“Love you too,” they reassured him.
Paw flopped back onto the bed, beaming up at them.

Unfortunately, Todd was right: three days later, things did get interesting.
The impending presence of the full moon made Paw and Lupa extremely irritable, and for most of the day, the two paced, ran around the house in repeated loops, attempted to exhaust themselves at the gym, and annoyed the hell out of Todd and Roses.
The wait for the moon to rise seemed to take forever, and by late afternoon, Paw was practically trying to claw his way through the nearest wall for lack of anything else to do.
“Go for a swim, then,” Todd told him irritably, shoving Paw away as the werewolf tried to peer over his shoulder at his laptop for the tenth time.
Lacking in other options, Paw collected Lupa and they made their way to the pool.

The pool was beautiful, to say the least. A work of art in tiled shades of blue, light reflected off the walls and the water, blue on blue, highlighting the undersea-themed mosaics and adding credence to the ‘sunken cave’ design.
Paw normally just watched as Todd and Roses swam. He disliked activities where most of his senses were disabled, and when it came to swimming, he usually couldn’t hear or smell much beyond the water, and since he had to take his glasses off, that left him effectively sense-deprived.
However, with the moon so close, his options were effectively non-existent, so he stepped into the water, trying to resist the urge to find something to fetch.
“Can I ask something?” Lupa asked, swimming past him.
“Why don’t you just wear contacts?”
“They irritate my eyes,” Paw said shortly, giving into temptation and dog-paddling toward the other end of the pool.
“Why do we keep acting like dogs when we’re werewolves?”
Paw opened his mouth and immediately had to spit out the water.
It’s… a cultural thing, he thought to her as he tried to get the taste of chlorine out of his mouth. There’s the whole stereotype of dogs being, like, semi-wolves, and most of us in the US add wolf to human and get dog.
And what about the people not in the US?
I heard there’s tribes on other continents where people have to run with wolf packs for a while, to see what they’re actually like.
That sounds… fun, actually.
It really does. Still, wolves don’t live around here, so it’s not like we could just run off and join the circus.
So if wolves don’t live around here, how come nobody’s seen you on a full moon and freaked out?
I pretend to be a very big dog.
And they buy that?
It’s what they want to believe. I mean, it’s late night, you’re alone and you see a big wolf-shaped thing, what do you want it to be, a wolf or a dog?
Good point.
Paw pulled himself out of the water and took a deep breath.
“Even if they don’t want to believe it, they will,” he continued. “There’s really not many alternatives.”
“So tonight…”
“Stay out of sight of any normal people,” Paw replied. “Most of the supernatural people know to stay out of our way on the night of full moon. Tonight, this city belongs to us.”
He smiled, showing his teeth, and leapt back into the water.

Half an hour later, Paw stepped out of the shower, fighting the urge to shake himself off. As the full moon grew closer, the urge to shift became even more powerful, though he knew from experience that shifting would only make the sensations worse.
He took a breath, hoping to smell anything other than the scent of hot water, and smelt the dark, aniseed-like scent of Todd. Drawn, he walked out of the bathroom, clad in his bathrobe.
Todd was sitting on Paw’s bed, staring intently at the only memento in the room, a photo of him, Roses and Paw taken two years ago on a seaside trip.
Paw flopped down next to him and tried not to whine. The urge to shift had translated itself into a persistent itch, and he had to stop himself from scratching his back with nails that kept turning into claws.
“Todd, it hurts,” Paw whined. “I’m all itchy and I want to shift but I can’t ‘cause it hurts.”
Todd pulled him into a tight hug and Paw clumsily hugged him back.
Todd’s hands slid into Paw’s bathrobe and across his back, scratching the itches, and Paw whined, slumping against his boyfriend.
“Is that better?” Todd asked after a while.
Paw nodded, sleepy. “Yeah. Thanks, Todd.”
Todd’s lips brushed Paw’s bare shoulder, and Paw wriggled at his touch.
“What’re you doing?” he mumbled.
“Just… helping you relax,” Todd said, his mouth moving a little lower.
“I thought that was my job,” Roses said from the door.
Paw and Todd jumped and turned, looking somewhat guilty.
Roses walked slowly toward them, pulling the plain black dress she wore over her head. She let it fall to the ground, revealing that she wore nothing under it, and climbed onto the bed.
“Um,” Paw said awkwardly.
“Hey,” Todd drawled, looking her up and down.
“Hi,” Roses replied. She pulled Todd close to her and kissed him hard. Overbalanced, Todd fell backwards, onto the pillows.
Paw watched as they continued to kiss, and he wriggled as his cock became hard.
He was dimly aware that his fingers were digging into his palm as his jealousy grew, but it wasn’t until Roses called his name again that he snapped out of his trance.
“Huh? What?”
“You’re growling,” Roses said, sounding anxious.
Paw looked down at his hands and blinked. They were covered in thick, soft brown fur, and his nails had become claws. There was blood on his claws, and he winced and focused, slowly shifting back to human.
“Sorry,” he muttered. “It’s just… I’m feeling kinda left out.”
She chuckled, and Paw found that he suddenly had a lap full of Roses, who kissed him passionately.
“Now who’s left out?” Todd asked petulantly.
Roses grinned. “Oh, don’t worry. I’ve got plans for you.”
Todd leaned back and watched, grinning, as Roses searched through his wardrobe, pulled out a tie and looped it around his neck, knotting it. She carefully removed both his and her glasses and set them aside, out of reach, and then smiled. “Time for a game. Safeword’s ‘blue’, got it?”
Paw nodded.
Roses grinned. “Right, then. Let’s get started.”
With that, she pulled on the tie.
Paw gasped, and then moaned as she kissed the side of his throat, tracing patterns over his skin with her tongue. He sagged back against the bed, concentrating on breathing and rapidly forgetting as Roses moved down to his shoulder, gently biting him over and over.
Don’t shift, he thought to himself repeatedly as her teeth brushed against his skin. Don’t shift, don’t shift, don’t shift…
Roses’ hands moved down his chest, sliding slowly over him and making all the hair on his body stand on end, and Paw let out another gasp.
Her hand gripped the tie and pulled on it harder, and stars burst behind his eyes as he took another breath.
Roses giggled as her hand dropped down to his crotch, and Paw’s eyes widened as she wrapped her fingers around his cock and stroked it slowly.
Blood pounded in his ears, and he managed to take another breath as Roses leaned away from him, pulled a condom from the box on the bedside table, pulled the wrapping off and roughly tugged it over his cock. Once she was satisfied, she straddled him, and Paw’s back arched as the sensations rocked through him, making him moan loudly.
“Hey, Paw, can you be a little louder? I don’t think they heard you over at Spoony’s place,” Todd commented, his hand stroking his cock vigorously.
Fuck you, Paw thought weakly.
What? Lupa thought back, sounding confused.
Not you! Paw replied, trying to block her out.
It didn’t work.
What the fuck? Paw, are you all right?
I’m fine, he began. Roses rode him hard, and he let out a shriek and gasped for breath.
What the- hang on, I’m coming over there!
No, wait-
Roses leaned down and bit his collarbone, and the extra touch sent Paw over the edge. He screamed as he came, the tie tight around his neck, and Roses gasped as his knot swelled, tying them together.
Paw sagged down onto the bed, and Roses collapsed on top of him.
“That,” Todd said thickly in the ensuing silence, “was insanely hot.”
“Todd, shut up,” Roses muttered, her voice muffled. “You’re ruining the moment.”
“I’m just saying,” Todd said defensively. “Insanely hot.”
The door burst open and Lupa charged in, looking around for the threat. She skidded to a halt as she took in the sight, and blanched.
“Oh, I, uh…”
Paw shut his eyes and wished he was in another dimension.
“I’ll just, um, go…”
The door clicked shut behind her, and the awkward silence flowed back into place.
Roses snorted.
Todd chuckled.
Paw snickered, and within seconds, the three of them were nearly crying with laughter.

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Interesting insight into the werewolves "dog behaviour" in this chapter. Also a hot Todd/Paw/Roses scene... but poor Lupa xD Sometimes their supernatural connection causes awkward situations, lol.

I felt it needed to be explained. :) Dogs aren't wolves, after all.

Yeah, Paw's not used to having to block people out, especially not in situations like that.

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