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space beauty
I haven't updated for a while, and I am sorry about that. Life has been hectic and shitty, and I've been trying to get through as best as I can. I'm debating on whether or not I should finish Fifty Shades Feckless, mainly because I discovered another spork that was miles better than mine (not as entertaining, but it showed up every little mistake I missed- and because I'm not American and didn't do much research, I missed a *lot*). I'm feeling a little... abashed, honestly.

But yeah. Hope you guys are all well, anyway.

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I'm sorry that things haven't been going well! I really hope it gets better for you soon. :(

And while I haven't had the chance to catch up on your sporking, I really hope you decide to continue. I've greatly enjoyed what I've read of it so far, and I'd love to read more! I understand if you decide not to, though. Just remember that there may be a million sporkings of this series out there, and some of them may point out more than yours do, but that doesn't make yours any less worthwhile. I love the way you spork, and I'm sure many other people do, too!

Thanks. :) Yeah, me too.

I really should keep going. I ended on a cliffhanger. It's a shitty cliffhanger, but it is still a cliffhanger.

I've also been way behind on reading your spork, but I also hope you continue. Other sporks might be more thorough than yours, but yours is certainly the most entertaining one I've read!

I hope life eases up on you a helluva lot. Hectic and shitty is no fun. *offers hugs if you want 'em*

Heh, thanks. I'll finish it. I just did a new chapter, in fact.

*gratefully accepts hugs* Thanks, dude.

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